8.5 × 22 Market Report

Add a little more sophistication and create a truly unique report.

BECOME THE DOMINANT FORCE in your luxury community.  By presenting homeowners with quality and relevant information we position you as the hyper-local luxury expert.  The impact is immediate, your marketing and professionalism showcased.

  • High resolution photos
  • Your Branding and Contact Information.
  • All market data pulled and displayed in-line with your Board’s regulations.
  • Stats and data are local and relevant.
  • Presentation of your current activity and/or relevant content suggested.
  • A turnkey strategy designed to keep your marketing consistent.
  • A Dedicated Campaign Specialist assigned to work with you.


Complete the following form for a complimentary strategic marketing consultation with one of our Marketing Specialists:

Set-up Fee per community (non-refundable):  $595.00

300 homes or less     301-800 homes         801-1,500 homes       1,500+ homes

$645.00                       $2.05 each                 $1.95 each                   $1.85 each

Community website includes domain, hosting and updates: $65.00 per month.

Prices quoted per monthly mailing.  Includes pulling/formatting MLS data, content updates, printing, mailing, postage, personalization to each homeowner and a community website.