18 x 24 Luxury Poster


Take your marketing to the next level to showcase the power of your luxury business. Outclass your competition with this stunning two-sided luxury poster that is professionally designed to position you as a luxury expert.

  • High resolution photos
  • Portrait or Landscape Layout
  • Descriptive Text, Articles or Real Estate Information
  • Includes branding and your realtor information.
  • Use for: Market Report
    • Showcase of your listings and/or solds
    • Map of your community with local amenities
    • Customize and combine ideas.

Design time: is charged at $79.00 per hour (typical design time = 2 hours depending on customization). If design time exceeds one hour you will be notified immediately.

Generate New Leads: Mail your poster to your luxury community – each will then be personalized with the homeowners name creating an added connection – ask us for more information about this strategy.


Additional information

Weight 0.0796 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 0.0128 × 8.5 in